Allocate+ to iCalendar tool

Note: Monash has its own version here. To compare this and Monash's version:

Step 1

Log into Allocate+.

Step 2

Open up the JavaScript console on the Allocate+ page. On most browsers, press F12 and click on something which says "Console".

If you are using Chrome, Firefox or Safari, type in copy(window.data.student.allocated) exactly as it's written and press Enter. If you can, you should type it, not copy and paste it. This will copy your Allocate+ allocations to the clipboard. Skip to Step 3.

If you are not using those browsers, copy the block of code below and paste it in. DO NOT PRESS ENTER.

  '<textarea style="width: 100%; height: 300px; z-index: 9999999999; position: fixed;">' +
  JSON.stringify(data.student.allocated) +

Stare at the code that you just pasted in. Make sure it's the same code you copied. If you believe the code is not malicious, press Enter.

A big bunch of text (representing your Allocate+ allocations) should appear at the top of your screen. Copy it for Step 3.

Step 3

Paste your Allocate+ allocations into the box below:

Step 4

Choose your options:

Where should the unit name from Allocate+ (example: INTRO TO COMPL MATHS) go?

Step 5